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     I'd love to give a whole speech about how I've always been interested in cold cases but that's not the fact.  Honestly it was just  few days ago that cold cases started to interest me.   I then felt compelled to search cold cases in the area and I was appalled at what I found.  There were a ton of cases.  I felt an urge to do some research on it and learn about the investigation of cold cases.  It's something i'd love to pursue in the future.  The reason it interests me so much is because I feel as if these killers have gone free, and it bothers me.  I want to be that person that finds justice.  

<![CDATA[The Power of Crime]]>Fri, 15 Jan 2016 18:42:01 GMThttp://skylasschoolblog.weebly.com/criminolgy-blogs/the-power-of-crimePicture
         How can a drug lord escape prison not once but twice?  How can he go unnoticed for almost half a year?  Simple its the power of crime.  The more you are feared the more power you have .  The only reason El Chapo managed to be free for so long is because he simply has power.  
     When El Chapo first escaped people questioned why no one noticed.  They questioned how he managed to escape in such a sophisticated way without guards catching on.  Chapo managed to escape on a motorcycle that was buried underground.   It's not hard to realize that he has power and fear protecting him.  He has more control then the leaders of our country.  
      In case you weren't aware El Chapo is one of the leaders of the largest drug cartel in Mexico.  He's the kind of person you don't want to piss off.  Think of it this way.  If you knew someone was doing something wrong odds are you'd tell someone.  But if that person knew people that could easily murder you or murder your family the odd's of you telling anyone what they were doing practically disappear.  It's sad that people in today's society still use fear to get ahead of others.  
     My mom always says "If you can't beat them joint them." and that's what people are doing.  People think that gangsters are respected.  That they are superior members of society.  This is the opposite of reality.  Gangsters are feared they are hated and the power they have is beyond negative.   

<![CDATA[The World is Blind]]>Wed, 25 Nov 2015 18:02:30 GMThttp://skylasschoolblog.weebly.com/criminolgy-blogs/the-world-is-blindPicture
   The issue that remains in the dark.  The issue that isn't talked about.  The issue that effects too many people. That issue is hate crime.  A lot of people don't realize how many lives are traumatized by acts of hate, and i'm going to be honest neither did I.  I neglected to realize just how prominent hate crime is.  That is until I really opened my eyes to the things people were saying on social media.   Shortly after the Paris attacks a lot of people were posting a peace sign with the Eiffel tower in the center.  A Muslim girl posted a picture like this to show her support to the people of France.  Now you think people on social media would morn for those who lost there life.  It would've been the right thing to do.  But instead people verbally attacked the girl that posted the picture.  What kind of world do we live in?  How can people turn an act of respect into a slash against a young girl who was was doing no harm?  How can we be so disrespectful?
      After I read the comments that were posted on this girls photo I did some research that deeply disturbed me.  I looked up some statistics.  I found the FBI's latest hate crimes statistics.  I wasn't shocked to find out that hate crime is 47% racially based.  Though I was astonished to discover that 6 933 offences were reported.  Why are we so blind to the hate that occurs in our world? Why aren't we trying to do something to stop these crimes?  The world is blind.  We go on with our daily lives not realizing that others lives are being affected.  How can we be so inhumane?  
      Freedom.  We take it for granted.  We don't realize how many people's lives aren't free.  Weather you are targeted for racial reasons, sexual orientation reasons, religious reasons or anything like that it isn't right.  It shouldn't be tolerated.  Not all Muslims are terrorists.  Not all priests are rapists.  Not all white people are racist.  Stereotypes shouldn't hold people back.  Stereotypes shouldn't dictate who we are.  Hate crimes are a growing issue that needs to be talked about.  It's a problem that needs to end.  We only get one life so we shouldn't  spend it targeting others who are different then us.

<![CDATA[Juvenile Correction?  Is it effective? ]]>Wed, 04 Nov 2015 19:04:27 GMThttp://skylasschoolblog.weebly.com/criminolgy-blogs/juvenile-correction-is-it-effectivePicture
    Juvenile imprisonment.  It’s not talked about very often and I don’t understand why.  I think we need to raise the harshness of juvenile correctional facilities.  Think about it this way young adults who visit these facilities often return.  So the fear of imprisonment obviously doesn’t scare them enough to stay away.  I don’t think we should just send teens off with just a slap on the wrist.  I think we need to enforce stronger forms of punishment toward young convicts.  
    Too many teens return to adult correctional facilities after attending juvenile ones.  So why? We send our youth to juvy to stop them from committing crimes,  but it’s obviously not working.  In the link below you can go to a very informal site that shows you some alarming statistics.  They return way too often.  I think if we were to use stronger forms of punishment the rates of prior juvy residents returning to adult correctional would lower.  Isn’t that the main goal?

Link to statistics site
<![CDATA[Are Prisons too Nice to Prisoners]]>Mon, 02 Nov 2015 18:09:02 GMThttp://skylasschoolblog.weebly.com/criminolgy-blogs/are-prisons-too-nice-to-prisonersPicture
    Prison, a terrible dark place where criminals go.  But is it really as bad as it seems.  Three meals a day, free education, free healthcare, clean clothing and etc.  So how do they pay for these things you may ask.  They pay for them with your hard earned money.  That’s right tax payers money goes towards providing for criminals.  I understand that we can’t starve criminals but do we really need to provide so much.
    Think of it this way why do we provide three FREE meals to criminals when we can’t even provide one meal to homeless people on our streets.  It’s almost as if society is punishing the homeless and rewarding the criminals. Why do we do this?  Why can’t we take even one meal out of those who are convicted and give it to those who are less fortunate and way more deserving.  Sure prison food is disgusting but i’m sure a homeless person on the street corner isn’t going to care what it tastes like.  
    A few years ago homeless shelters where the homeless would sleep and eat were shut down because the city of kitchener could not afford to keep them running.  I remember this because my biological mother is homeless.  I remember her specifically saying that she wanted to go to prison in the winter because she had no other place to go.  Why should citizens who to the wrong path in life be made to feel this way.  Instead of shutting down homeless shelters why doesn’t society take from those who were convicted and give to those who are innocent.  
    We as a country should definitely make prisons tougher on our prisoners.  I think if we did this it would definitely cut back on the amount of people revisiting prisons.  I think it would also help the country pay for more beneficial things.  Now in no means am I saying prison is a nice place all i’m saying is it’s not as bad as it should be.

<![CDATA[The Effect Music has on Criminal Activity]]>Thu, 22 Oct 2015 20:40:15 GMThttp://skylasschoolblog.weebly.com/criminolgy-blogs/the-effect-music-has-on-criminal-activityPicture
    When people think about  things that provoke violent behaviour they often think of violent tv shows or violent movies.  They often overlook the lyrics in music because they can’t see the behaviour occurring.  Hearing about it isn’t as bad as seeing it, right? I couldn’t disagree more.  Violence in music in my opinion causes more harm than watching it on a television.  On television the majority of the time the criminal gets caught, yet songs never really have an end to the story.   You don’t know if the activity occurring in the song ever came to an end.  Just to clarify here’s an example.
    Let’s say you’re watching criminal minds, CSI, or anything along those lines.  95% of the time the criminal gets caught.  The stories complete and you know they got punished.  It proves that criminal activity has a consequence.  With music the story is often incomplete.  For example if you read the lyrics of Smooth Criminal, Michael Jackson sings about the murder of a girl and the ending does not end with the killer being caught.  Instead it paints a picture that the killer got away.  I understand that it’s just a song and it’s completely fictional but others may look at it differently.   
    I can’t figure out why we’re allowed to publicly speak about murder in such an enthusiastic way.  It’s as if we’re glorifying these acts instead of looking down on them.  Taking someone’s life is not something that should be blasted into our ears, but murder isn’t the only thing artist’s sing about.  Too often music speaks about drug abuse.  I know everyone says the glorification of drug abuse in music is unacceptable but no one ever does anything about it, but that’s still not the worst part.  There’s no ending to the story found in songs about drug abuse.  They never bring up the long term effects of drug abuse nor do they mention what it’s like to be addicted to drugs.  
    Songs nowadays teach youth that drug abuse is fun and cool but the reality is that’s the complete opposite of the truth.  There is nothing fun about becoming dependant on drugs so how is it okay for music to give us a false picture.  I understand songs don’t want to mention what drugs really do to  you because that will dampen the mood of the song but we are becoming too familiar with songs that teach us incorrect realities and it’s quite sickening.  
    I strongly believe that music is painting the wrong picture in the mind of today’s youth and if this music continues to be played repeatedly, we are more than likely going to see a spike in criminal activity.  

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     The death penalty.  Some countries have it, but Canada is one of the countries that doesn't.  So why doesn't it?  Some say it's cruel, some say it makes you a murderer,  they believe that it isn't fair but  answer me this.  What's fair about one person taking numerous lives knowing that one day they'll be free to do it all over again.  How is that fair to the victims families? In my opinion if you take even one life you should have yours taken too.  In Canada the maximum time you can serve is 25 years.  After you serve that time you are released on parole and you're pretty much free to live your life once more.  So how is that fair?  It isn't.  How would you feel if someone killed your family and only served 25 years.  You'd probably feel like that person got away with a warning.  It'd hurt, but that's not even the worst part.
     If you live in Canada chances are you've probably heard of the killers Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo.  They were convicted of the rape and murder of three girls, one of which was Karla's own sister. Though after only twelve years Karla was released even after tapes surfaced proving that she was more then involved in the murders.  I don't believe that this is fair at all.  Now Karla lives in Quebec with her new husband and their three children.  I think that since she took the lives of innocent people she should not have the right to continue on with her life.  I understand that Canada is a free country but some people don't deserve the freedom that we offer. 
     I think Canada should definitely bring back the death penalty.  It'd give the victim's families closure.  I also think it'd make people fear the consequence of committing serious crimes.  I believe the pro's of the death penalty outweigh the cons.  Bringing it back to Canada would be the right decision.  

<![CDATA[The Mind Of A Killer]]>Wed, 07 Oct 2015 01:50:52 GMThttp://skylasschoolblog.weebly.com/criminolgy-blogs/the-mind-of-a-killer    Everyone’s mind works differently.  Everyone has a different perspective on the world.  So why is it that we all see things differently?  Why don’t all people think the same way?  Is it because of the way we are raised or were we just born that way? I personally don’t think people are born killers.  So what changes us?  I have a few ideas.  The first main thing that I think has an impact is a troubled home life.  I have read and watched many documentaries about killers and I have found that most killers are raised in an abusive home.  Whether it’s verbal or physical there’s usually some sort of abuse involved, but this is by no means the only reason.  
   Studies have shown that some killers actually have legitimate problems with feeling remorse.  There brains lack the empathy and feelings that we have.  They are mentally unable to feel guilty for what they’ve done.  So is there a way this can be resolved? Can we fix these people? We have ways of helping people with mental disabilities so why don’t we look for the signs in people and fix it before it’s too late? Neuroscientist Dr Kent Kiehl said
 "I tend to see psychopaths as someone suffering from a disorder, so I wouldn't use the word evil to describe them." Now I agree with this statement but I also disagree.  I personally always use the word evil to describe killers and rapists because I believe they are evil.  Though I understand why Dr Kiehl would say this.  I also understand that killers don’t feel bad for what they’ve done but if they can’t feel remorse how can they feel pleasure?  Many killers state that they like killing.  I’m sorry but if you can enjoy taking a human life, if you can find pleasure in harming anyone then you are pure evil.  
   Another common occurrence i’ve noticed is killers and rapists tend to watch a lot of pornography.  Ted Bundy actually said in an interview that all killers watch pornography at some point, and become addicted to it.  He said that adult films are the root of evil.  When you think about it, it’s very true.  These men and some women create sexual fantasies that will never happen, so they end up forcing their fantasies upon others.  I believe that there are ways to help these people but I also believe after they kill it’s too late late to help them.  After they kill they don’t deserve a second chance.  I just hope that one day science will be so developed that we’ll be able to dig a little deeper into these people’s minds, and find what makes them tick.  
<![CDATA[A Brief Introduction]]>Mon, 05 Oct 2015 16:58:44 GMThttp://skylasschoolblog.weebly.com/criminolgy-blogs/a-brief-introduction         Criminology has always interested me whether its discussing serial killers, or discussing the criminal justice system.  It's entertaining to analyse and try to get into someones brain.  There's always been something about criminals and criminal justice that reaches out to me.  In my blog you can hear about my opinion on everything criminology related.   Weather it's discussing criminals or answering some very crucial questions i'm here to discover the why.  ]]><![CDATA[Ted Bundy]]>Mon, 05 Oct 2015 01:37:11 GMThttp://skylasschoolblog.weebly.com/criminolgy-blogs/ted-bundy    An all American boy, or so they thought.  Ted Bundy was far from a “normal kid”.  First of all Bundy was born to a fairly young single mom at a time when this was forbidden. Ted’s grandparents sent his mother Eleanore away and when she returned the grandparents stated that the baby was there’s and Eleanore was merely his older sister.  Even when Ted and his mom moved away when he was 4, Eleanore did not tell Bundy that he was her own until he was in his twenties.  When Eleanore’s new husband adopted Ted there was no parental bond between them.  Now I hate when people blame the parents for the things that their children do wrong, but Bundy grew up without any parental figures. He had no one to learn from and no one to guide him.  I personally think that’s one of the things that led to his serial killing ways.  

    Bundy was also very teased as a child, but once he got to college people started noticing him.  He was a rather attractive young man who actually volunteered at a suicide hotline.  The irony in this is quite uncanny, in only a year Bundy went from convincing people not to end their lives to taking their lives from them.  Ted was actually able to find an attractive smart girl who he instantly fell head over heels for.  After a year of being together the love of his life broke his heart.  Despite being in law school Bundy still didn’t know what path he wanted to take in life.  For this reason his girlfriend ended the relationship.  This broke Bundy’s heart.  There’s no way this didn’t contribute to Bundy’s killings.  The way I look at it Ted had so much rage and hurt bundled up inside that it exploded in such a horrific way.  Bundy did the type of killing that  I like to call “revenge killing” .  He killed women that had the same physical features as his ex girlfriend.  They all had long hair that was parted in the center.  Though this was the only thing that was really necessary to him, he killed women of all ages he even murdered young girls. Although when his killings began he tended to target college student.  I believe that he specifically targeted college girls at the beginning because the wound that his girlfriend left was still incredibly deep.

The Victims

    Ted’s victims were all rather similar.  They were mostly all female college students, with long hair that was parted the same way, they were all very attractive young women as I mentioned previously.  The things Bundy did to these poor women is disgraceful.  He would often force his first victims into their own basements where he would sexually assault and strangle them.  Later he thought of a more efficient way to commit his crimes. He took advantage of the kindness of others by wearing a fake cast. He would scope out women and ask them to help him put heavy items into his car.  While they weren’t expecting it he would over power them and shove them into his vehicle, within seconds they would disappear and never be seen again.  Luckily though Bundy slipped up.  In a routine traffic stop police found suspicious items in his car items like a ski mask, rope and handcuffs.  Unfortunately all this proved was that Bundy was kinky, it wasn’t enough to hold him.  Until they found things in his car that surviving victim Carol DaRonche described to have seen.  It also definitely didn’t help that one time when Bundy abducted a woman at a public beach bystanders over heard him introduce himself as Ted. So when the girl never came back they informed police.  Because of the many witnesses police were able to create a composite sketch that resembled Bundy.  When they put him into a lineup Carol DaRonche was able to identify him as her predator.  This led to Bundy’s arrest.  Really when you think about it him being caught was partially his fault.  When abducting a woman in a public place why would he introduce himself using his real name? It almost makes you wonder if Bundy wanted to be caught. After arresting him they searched his car, police found many hairs and DNA that belonged to numerous victims.  This was the last piece of the puzzle that law enforcement needed to convict Ted Bundy.  Bundy was arrested in August 1975.

After his arrest

    After Bundy’s arrest he managed to escape two times.  The first time he escapes through the library window and was found a few weeks later in the mountains.  The second time he caused way more harm.  Somehow he managed to travel all the way  to Florida and committed some serious crimes.  Not only did Bundy managed to murder a 12 year old he managed to sneak into a sorority and kill two women, and beat two women severely.  He bit one of the victims on the buttocks with such force that he left extremely defined marks this was the only proof police needed to know Bundy was responsible for the attack at the sorority.  After locating him they held a new trial, this time Bundy was sentenced to death.  It was obvious Ted didn’t care that he was taking lives.  It makes me incredibly happy that he got the death penalty because he obviously had no intent on stopping what he was doing.  While in prison he admitted to killing 36 women, and dumping their bodies in the woods and mountains.  Now if this isn’t sickening enough the worst part is what he did to them afterwards.  Bundy would often return to the dump sites and commit necrophilia, sometimes he would occasionally take their heads home with him.  This disturbs me so very much.  It’s bad enough to kill someone but to harm their dead bodies, that is a whole new level of evil.  Being curious an officer asked Bundy why he  did it right before his execution, and with a grin he said “because I liked it”.  Thankfully this monster was executed on January 24th 1989.  Though the memory of this terrible man still remains.  ​]]>